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Visual Art

Visual Arts

Community Diary Response to: IN-SITES/ÓN CHEAPACH which was exhibited during April and May @The Courthouse

Artists were Monica de Bath, Lisa Fingleton and Gareth Kennedy and was curated by Denise Reddy

Opening Date: Tues 5th June   Time: 1.15pm   Admission: Free   
Exhibition Runs: Tues 5th April June – Fri 29th June  Open: Tues – Sat 9:30am-5pm 

Works on display are by: The Courthouse Adult Art Group, The Courthouse Youth art group Artsparks, Crossbridge NS, Tinahely NS, The Courthouse Teen Studio, and two public workshops held during National Biodiversity Week.

These groups responded to IN-SITES/ÓN CHEAPACH which looked at the extensive human impact on the environment, lands, oceans and wildlife. 

IN-SITES/ÓN CHEAPACH featured the work of three artists and explored how, in different ways, they addressed our relationship with a constantly changing environment. 

This Community Diary was an initiative of the Outreach Project at The Courthouse Arts Centre.

IN-SITES/ÓN CHEAPACH was a touring exhibition from Dunamaise Arts Centre, supported by the Arts Council.


IN-SITES/ÓN CHEAPACH curated by Denise Reddy

Monica de Bath, Lisa Fingleton and Gareth Kennedy

Opening Date: Sun 8 April   Time: 4-6pm   Admission: Free   
Exhibition Runs: Sun 4 April – Fri 25 May  Open: Tues – Sat 9:30am-5pm 

Our current age has been described as the ‘Anthropocene period’, an era defined by  the extensive human impact on the environment which effects our world’s climate, lands, oceans and wildlife.

IN-SITES/ÓN CHEAPACH features the work of three artists and explores how, in different ways, they address our relationship with a constantly changing environment. New and existing work reflects on the role of art and ecological practices in highlighting historical and contemporary complexities of land use.

Diverse themes are investigated relating to industrial peat excavation, land rehabilitation, farming, food, sustainability, deforestation and invasive species. Inspired by interactions and conversations with ecologists, foresters, local growers and peatland/parks staff, the artists draw attention to the effects of land management decisions on biodiversity and the consequences for people, place and habitats.

The exhibition runs from 8th April – 25th May and will be accompanied by a programme of events to coincide with National Biodiversity Week.

Friday 18 May – Monica de Bath working with local school children.

Saturday 19 May afternoon – Lisa Fingleton workshop for those interested in drawing and food!

Saturday 19 May night – Garrett Kennedy artist talk and short film

Sunday  20 May – wood carving workshop with Eoin Donnelly using invasive species.

More information on workshops to follow after Easter.

IN-SITES/ÓN CHEAPACH is a touring exhibition from Dunamaise Arts Centre, supported by the Arts Council.









Joe Farrell

Title: Painting Photography Documentary.

Opening Date: Sun 11 Feb   Time: 4-6pm   Admission: Free   
Exhibition Runs: Sun 11 Feb – Fri 23 Mar  Open: Tues – Sat 9:30am-5pm 

Joe Farrell is an Irish painter, photographer and television documentary director. He initially made Social Documentary photographs in the 1970s before moving to Canada to study painting in the 1980s. Returning to Ireland in the mid ‘90s he began directing documentaries for Irish television while continuing to paint and photograph. He has directed documentaries in over 20 countries including Ethiopia, DR Congo, Kenya, Korea and Jamaica.

Joe Farrell: Painting, Photography, Documentary  shows the elements of his wide-ranging work and draws on places, events and encounters experienced in  20 years traveling the world and 40 years of image making. The work seeks to bring together the twin tracks of documentation and abstraction that have equal status in his work.

 The exhibition includes: Recent paintings: These 2017 paintings address the fragile and elusive qualities of memory by attempting to recover and define a sense of the people, places and experiences of his travels.

Welcome to Funland: Photographs of Ireland 2012 – 2017

Everything is Broken: Photographs of Ireland 1975 – 1982

“Leaving the Conflict Behind? – Democratic Republic of Congo. A documentary exploring how seemingly never-ending conflict impacts on the people of North Kivu Province in Eastern DR Congo.

“Beyond the Lens of Famine” – Ethiopia. A documentary telling the stories of those who survived the famine in Ethiopia in 1984 and the effects of  breakneck change and exploding economic growth in this country of over 100 million people.



Youth Arts 

Title: Design Through The Ages

Visual Art: Exhibition by over 300 National and Secondary school pupils and our own Courthouse Teen studio and Artsparks groups. 

Opening Date: Fri 12 January   Time: 11am   Admission: Free   
Exhibition Runs: Tues 9 Jan  – Fri 26 Jan  Open: Tues – Sat 9:30-5pm 

Now in its 5th year our Youth Arts Festival is going from strength to strength with over 400 young artist and performers taking part from all around south Wicklow.
As a multi-tiered art event across visual art, music, theatre, spoken word and dance we are delighted to exclusively offer The Courthouse Arts Centre as a youth venue for the entire month of January.