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Exhibition: SPRING

Opening: Sat Feb 16th from 4pm to 6pm Exhibition runs until Friday, March 29th.

Marking the beginning of the season of new growth, this group exhibition brings together work from seven artists with disabilities who have been working with tutor Orla Callaghan in the services of Kare in Baltinglass and Tinahely and Ardeen Cheshire Home in Shillelagh. The title SPRING is used not only to suggest life and growth but also bounce, resilience and an arising source, all of which are encapsulated in the approach of these artists to their work which often sees them overcoming physical challenges and other constraints to tap into a well of creativity. Paddy Burton, Anthony Delanthy, Ruth Fenton, Fiona Healy, Libby Hendrick, Edward Morrissey and Eoin O’Malley present a varied collection of paintings and drawings. These works represent very different journeys of personal exploration following individual interests and the continuous development of techniques and skills brought about by dedicated application.

Orla Callaghan Exhibition: GIMBAL

Opens with a reception Sun April 7, 4.00pm-6.00pm.  Runs until Fri May 31st.

GIMBAL ( a gizmo that helps preserve equilibrium )

This exhibition brings together two series of work by Wicklow artist Orla Callaghan. 

‘Post Horizon Gardens’ comprises of collage – photographs, found objects, felt, wax and printed paper presented as an installation that represents the search for toe holds in unknown territory. The thread of this work began with an interest in the funerary gardens of Egypt and a fascination with the line of the horizon and what it may be held to represent.

‘Orbit’, first exhibited in Brisbane in 2008, is a collection of close up black and white photographs of eyes, printed in the darkroom then hand coloured and mounted on watercolour paper. The links between eye and camera are many fold, they share parts and functions and operate because of light. The reflections on the glassy surface of the eye evoke water, and diving in, the unique structures beneath are a mysterious interior landscape to explore. While each remains a signature portrait it also a universal portal.