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An exhibition by Pauline Merry

Opening: Sun Oct 21st | 4-6pm | FREE

The Heart of the Matter

An exhibition by Pauline Merry with text by Linda Quigley

Having studied Fine Art, sculpture and painting at college in the early 1960’s, Pauline brings this new exhibition to The Courthouse. Using many processes, making mixed media works, her continuously evolving art form can be seen in a small way to be contributing to breaking down the elitism of the traditional hierarchical barrier between Fine Art and Craft. Merry says, “A practical approach, a dualistic-based thinking is vital for our daily survival. Is it inadequate to deal with the deeper more subtle questions of Love, Suffering, Self-sacrificing and other ways of knowing well recognised in psychology and in most art since the dawn of history? As I floundered around, as neither theologian nor scientist, but steeped in the experiential and visual I found Linda.”