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Theatre: No Smoke without Fire

Theatre: No Smoke Without Fire

Date: Saturday 28th April  Time: 8.30pm  Admission: €14/€12

A one-woman show performed by Mary Murray 
Written by Paddy Murray  –  Directed by Jimmy Smallhorne 

“If ever there was an actor you wanted to see more of, it’s Mary Murray. On stage she has always had a magnetic focus, a presence somewhere between no-nonsense control and a shiver of vulnerability. Murray’s assured presence… An actor of tremendous physical versatility and wit, she falls into comic contortions as a simpering pregnant woman, puffs up and out to play a Liverpool vamp, and demonstrates myriad ways to inhale, each as individual as a fingerprint.” Peter Crawley:  The Irish Times 

The best of what’s on this week. “Murray is a perfect fit”. 
Eithne Shortall:  Sunday  Times 

“What makes this close to a magical hour is Murray’s mastery of Dublin Argot, delivered by his characters with meaty and frequently hilarious gusto… And then of course there’s Mary Murray, sole performer on an empty stage. She couples the space with such consummate skill that her audience feel themselves being shoved and poked at the crowded bar, choking in the smoky haze, an uneasy witness to the frayed tempers that range from the irritating and pesky to the dangerously violent…and that’s just the women. That’s acting folks.” Emer O’ Kelly : Sunday Independent 
“A one woman tour de force by the highly talented Mary Murray.” 
Michael Moffatt:
 Irish Mail On Sunday. 
“All of the characters are brought together by a skilled and vibrant lead performance. Mary captivates the audience with ease… The way in which she controls her body and changes seamlessly has all the markings of a fit, physical actor who takes her craft very seriously. As for the script written by Paddy Murray it’s chock full of sharp Dublin wit and wordplay with a solid plot. Complimenting all this is a varied array of facial expressions that are hilarious to look at… and strongly delivered accents…Her performance is so engaging it almost draws the audience to participation…an overwhelmingly positive experience. Mary Murray is an accomplished theatre actor who clearly loves what she does. No Smoke Without Fire is a great play that’ll leave you in stitches- A one woman showcase well worth the trip.” Cormac Fitzgerald : No More Workhorse. 
“Murray creates all of these distinctive and diverse characters with skill, transforming herself between each one, her stance in a couple of instances enough to give us an idea of the type of character that’s emerged, building into them individual quirks and tics, in performances that are well paced, delivering many great one liners, some sharp and cutting. But it is not all about laughs either as the story unfolds about the cash and Larry, the camper van and a deceased husband, under the steady direction of Jimmy Smallhorne. 
It is a wonderful hour of theatre that doesn’t outstay its welcome, and shows flowing, comic writing, all brought to life by a performer on top of her game, making it look easy and natural. With nothing on stage but Murray, she rises to the challenge delightfully, showing great skill, timing and control resulting in a very enjoyable piece of theatre.”
Red Curtain Review 
“It’s a masterful display, and an absorbing exercise in both physical theatre and storytelling…cutting through amusing one-liners with superb comic timing… her seamless transition from one character to the next is what makes this play special…you can practically smell the cigarette smoke, and she doesn’t even use a prop. Yep, Mary Murray is the real deal.” Chris Wasser: Evening Herald 
“…these pieces, along with the very recent No Smoke Without Fire by Paddy Murray and featuring his daughter, the remarkably talented Mary Murray, gave us theatre of a high, sometimes excellent, standard.” Emer O’ Kelly: Irish Independent Theatre Review Of The Year 


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