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Visual Art Jan-Dec 2016

Visual Arts


Youth Arts 


Opening Date: Sun 10 January   Time: 4-6pm   Admission: Free   
Exhibition Runs: Sun 10 Jan  – Fri 29 Jan  Open: Wed 10-1pm Thurs – Sat 10-5pm 

Now in its 3rd year our Youth Arts Festival is going from strength to strength with over 300 young artist and performers taking part from all around south Wicklow.
As a multi-tiered art event across visual art, music, theatre, spoken word and dance we are delighted to exclusively offer The Courthouse Arts Centre as a youth venue for the entire month of January.
This years theme – Is this art or can I throw it out – will critically examine
1. How art is made today 
2. What art is made from
3. How we view art as an object – functional or not


coast series

Catherine Ryan

Title: Coastlines

Opening Date: Sun 7 February   Time: 4-6pm   Admission: Free   
Exhibition Runs: Sun 7 Feb – Fri 4 Mar  Open: Wed 10-1pm Thurs – Sat 10-5pm 

These paintings by Catherine Ryan were made in response to a number of visits to various coastal regions throughout Ireland during the course of 2015. They do not represent any one given location – rather they represent a synthesis of times, places and events which seek to evoke the totality of the coastal experience.

They are based on a series of on-site sketches which are viewed as a unified whole and are then deconstructed and re-imagined by the selective edit of memory.

The works are of mixed Media in the main – acrylic being the principal ingredient, with collagist additions – and the choice of media facilitates her trademark gestural immediacy which find full expression in her use of texture, shape and colour. The main focus of the work captures essentially Littoral events in that the imagery presents an impressionistic interpretation of a land and sea encounter with all its elemental force and dynamism. The skilfully articulated conjunction of acutely observed nature and exuberant paintwork celebrates and enhances our appreciation of the natural world and indeed, of Painting itself.

Gerry Walker.



Rod Coyne

Title: 1916 – 2016 Centenary Portraits Collection

Opening Date: Sun 13 March   Time: 4-6pm   Admission: Free  
Exhibition Runs: Sun 13 Mar – Fri 8 Apr  Open: Wed 10-1pm Thurs – Sat 10-5pm 

Rod Coyne has created an exclusive series of portraits remembering the faces of Easter 1916. The artist blends contemporary and classical painting to draw together the vastly diverse photographic sources. The unity of style he achieves underlines the diverse nature of the Risings’ protagonists and how they bound together in common purpose.

“I started out with a need to update the 1916 images I had known since I was a kid. The faces I admired for so long had become jaded in my eyes; they had been re-hashed continually in books and posters to the point where I couldn’t see them anymore.

Using a palette of Prussian Blue and Sienna I have attempted to give the collection a unifying thread to tie them together. Each original photograph was completely different to the next; some considered studio portraits and other taken on the fly. I decided not to trace from the photos but to process them through my own eyes, head and hand. I knew I would be trading “accuracy” for a chance to really commune with these faces until they started to become people.”– Rod Coyne.

The Easter Rising of 1916 was pivotal to the emergence of an independent Ireland.  Only supported by a minority of the Irish population, the courage and sacrifice of those who led it would in time change their nation’s destiny. The story of how less than two thousand Irish men and women bravely confronted the might of the British army in Dublin remains one of the most compelling in Irish history.  

These high quality reproductions will be valued as a range collectable of posters long after 2016 has passed.



Trudi Doyle She Ran with the Hunted  1 EXH

Trudi Doyle

Title: Imagine

Opening Date: Sun 17  April   Time: 4-6pm   Admission: Free   
Exhibition Runs: Sun 17 Apr – Sat 14 May  Open: Wed 10-1pm Thurs – Sat 10-5pm

Fire the imagination at the Courthouse with the work of Trudi Doyle

 IMAGINE  …..   An exhibition of paintings by Trudi Doyle

 This exhibition offers much to feed the imagination. Artist Trudi Doyle returns to show her paintings at the Courthouse for the third time.   Trudi was the first artist to show in the Courthouse when it opened in 1996.

This is an opportunity to view her original, intriguing and beautiful paintings. Trudi’s art has a distinct style and quality: imagination is the primary source for her work, many images are offered to the viewer to interpret as they may. Take her large “Tree of Life “painting in acrylic on canvas for instance, one suspects a moral lesson but it is up to the viewer to decipher the puzzle.

Trudi now lives and grew up surrounded by images of open skies, trees, fields , mountains, farmland and wildlife  which merge with remembered stories, and imagined scenarios to inform her artwork which has been described as thoughtful and surreal and certainly is both.  Birds and wildlife clearly penetrate her consciousness and resurface in her work.

Many of her images have qualities that defy analysis and which brings one back to view them again and again.

Trudi works in watercolours, pastels, oils and acrylics.  Her pastels have a dreamlike quality using an individual iconography relating to childhood and part of the pleasure for the viewer resides in identifying the motifs and sources of inspiration. Sometimes her work is simply beautiful and celebratory like her garden paintings, interiors, flower paintings and her still life pieces which show as Prionsias O’Drisceoil, Arts Officer, once wrote of her work “a reverence for the everyday artifact”.

Trudi  is a contemporary artist from Hacketstown, Co Carlow now living in Crecrin, Ballyconnell on the Carlow Wicklow border and working from her studio there..

 Trudi’ work has been exhibited widely both in Ireland, Europe and USA and pieces are held in many corporate and public collections as well as by private individuals throughout the world (including Oscar winner Ben Kingsley).

“Art for me is a visual diary of the imagination “








Dave Hingerty -A collection of photographs of well known musicians and tour locations

Title: Where is my Mind?

Opening Date: Sun 29 May  Time: 4-6pm   Admission: Free   
Exhibition Runs: Sat 21 May – Sat 25 June  Open: Wed 10-1pm Thurs – Sat 10-5pm 

This exhibition will be opened by Colm Mac Con Iomaire (Kila, Frames)

 “Where Is My Mind?” is the title and theme of a photo exhibition by Dave Hingerty of musicians and tour locations.   The photographs represent the theme of duality which we all know, whereby people are engaged on one level with the world around them, but are often in a very different place in their mind. It is also the title of the famous Pixies song which Dave and The Frames band members performed onstage with Frank Black, the Pixies singer.

These are tour photographs with a unique viewpoint; on stage, behind the scenes, in the dressing room, on the tour bus. Immersed in the music, Dave’s work is very much Access- All-Areas photography.

An internationally renowned Rock and Roll drummer, percussionist, and master instructor; Dave has played with household names such as The Frames, Josh Ritter and Paul Brady.  He was awarded the prestigious 0-1 award by the US government as an alien of extraordinary ability in the arts

A percentage of profits from sales of prints go to Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland.



Nest Form 1 Nest Form 2 Pollen Form Radiolaria Form 1 Radiolaria Form 2 Seed FormEncrusted Form 2015

Jane Jermyn – An Exhibition of Ceramics and Photography 

Title: Clay Journeys – Pots and Snapshots

Opening Date: Sun 3 July   Time: 4-6pm   Admission: Free   
Exhibition Runs: Sun 3 July – Fri 29 July  Open: Wed 10-1pm Thurs – Sat 10-5pm 

This exhibition will be opened by Liz McManus

The exhibition is part of the 20th Anniversary celebrations of the Courthouse Arts Centre – it is also the 20th Anniversary of the first time Jane Jermyn exhibited her ceramics, as part of Grennan Mill Craft School End of Year exhibition.

Before becoming a student in Grennan Mill the previous year, Jane had been the secretary of the Courthouse Restoration Committee for many years and was one of those instrumental in saving, what has become an important part of the cultural life of Tinahely and South Wicklow.

 This is her third exhibition in The Courthouse:  in 2000 she exhibited, with guest exhibitor, Nic Collins, while in 2005 “Relative Space” was a joint exhibition with her daughter, painter, Sarah Browne.

 Jane travels widely in connection with her ceramic practice and takes many snapshots of people and places that interest her. This exhibition celebrates some of those journeys taken.

 The exhibition will be opened by the award winning writer, Liz McManus, who as a TD for Co. Wicklow, assisted greatly in the restoration of the Courthouse.


rachel woolDSC_0384DSC_0376feltwool blanket2016gallery_image03wool thread

August 7th – 27th 2016

All things woolly!  A celebration of Irish wool

During the month of August the Courthouse Arts Centre will have an exhibition celebrating the versatility of Irish wool in both a practical and art context.

Exhibitions by professional  artists and Craft’s people will display examples of wool use.  Also on display will be samples of the various stages wool goes through for processing alongside samples of bolts of wool and finished products.

To complement this exhibition during we will to hold a number of heritage inspired events as follows:

Book workshops here

Programme of events:


Sun 7th Aug : 4-6pm.  Exhibition Opening – Artist’s and crafters to display works in wool. FREE

Tuesday 9th : 10.30 -12.30 Alison Guthrie has designed a Tinahely Hat. Learn to knit traditional Fair Isle using 3 colours in a modern specially designed hat for Tinahely wool festival. €10

Tuesdays 9th : 2-4pm Tinahely ICA knitting demonstration for beginners. FREE

Wed 10th: 10.30 -12.30 Weaving Demonstration with Lucy Robinson FREE

Thurs 11th 10:30am – 4pm. Start Spinning with 1798 Spinners Anyone who would like to have a go at wool spinning wheels will be provided or you can bring your own. FREE

Friday 12th:  10.30 – 4pm. Wool Blending with Marilyn Wray.  Wool can be an enriching experience. Using many fibres to add interest to your fleece and it improves its quality and drape. The use of silk blended with wool can bring a lovely sheen and lustre to your fibre. FREE


Tuesday 16th : 10.30 -12.30. Felting with Leiko. Master felter from Japan now living in Ireland and working with Irish wool due to it’s superior quality. €20

Wednesday 17th. 10.30 -12.30. Natural Dyeing with Rachel Wostenholme Hands on demonstration with lots of samples using plants from the area. Always a bit of a surprise as to what comes out of the pot.  €10

Wednesday 17th : 2-4pm.  Wool patchwork with Emer Fahy . €10

Thursday 18th. 10.30 -12.30.  Wool patchwork with Emer Fahy. €10

Thursday 18th . 2-4pm. Natural Dyeing with Rachel Wostenholme. Dyeing wool using cochineal and madder showing the huge range of colours which can be obtained from one dye bath. €10.

Friday19th : 2-4pm. Felting with Leiko. Master felter from Japan now living in Ireland and working with Irish wool due to it’s superior quality. €20

WEEK 3 Heritage Week Monday 22nd – Saturday 27th

Mon 22nd . 10-4pm. Sue Blacker – Wool handling.  Natural fibre company of Cornwall. Demonstration on wool grading and skirting of fleece.  €20 per day

Tues 23rd . 10-4pm. Sue Blacker – Wool handling. Natural fibre company of Cornwall. Demonstration on wool grading and skirting of fleece.   €20 per day

Wed 24th . 10:30am – 12:30pm. Julie New – Crochet   €10

Thurs 25th . 10:30am – 12:30pm. Liz Davison – Fair Island knitting. €10

Thurs 25th . 8pm. FILM – Addicted To sheep. In the North Pennines, tenant farmers Tom and Kay spend their days looking after their flock of prized sheep, and hoping that this will be the year they breed the perfect one.   €6/€5

Friday 26th .  10-4pm. 1798 Spinners – Steph O connor:Drop spindle, Navaho spinning and Sock knitting and Marilyn Wray: wool blending . €10

Sat 27th . 10-4pm                FAIR DAY – Craft stalls, food stalls and special events: Sheep Run 10am with sheep handling & sheering throughout the day. 


Layout 1

An exhibition by graduate artists in 2d &3d from DIT Dublin, IADT Dun Laoghaire, NCAD Dublin, LSAD Limerick, CIT Cork, Burren College of Art, Grennan Mill Thomastown, Gorey School of Art.

Exhibition runs until Thurs 29th September.

51 Emerging artists from a broad range of arts disciplines will exhibit this Sept at the Courthouse Arts Centre. Works will include 2D: Contemporary fine art, print, photography and 3D ceramics, glass, textiles, sculpture, production design and model making.

The exhibition will be opened by Dr Éimear O Connor art historian who specializes in Irish art and its complex contexts in the twentieth century, O’Connor’s topic is the life and work of Irish artist Seán Keating PPRHA, HRA, HRSA (1889-1977). She is also a curator, lecturer, art advisor and archivist. O’Connor began her professional career as a visual artist and has exhibited in Ireland, Denmark and North America. She specialised in site-specific work, and has also designed album covers, book covers and stage settings. O’Connor is a Research Associate with TRIARC-Irish Art Research Centre at Trinity College Dublin.

Exhibiting artists are:

DIT Dublin: Fine Art -Alison Tubritt, Jacqueline Keane, Caitlín Thomson, Karen Walsh. Photography – Mark Neiland, Raimonda Milašienė, Joanna Heaney, Justyna Kielbowska, Beata Cierzniewska, Martyna Sroda, Natalia Marzec, Pauline Golebiewska, Edit Elias, Daniel Casey, Therese Rafter, Sarah Flynn, Ciara Gibbons, Make Bors, Patrycja Terczynska, Rachel Marrinan.

IADT Dun Laoghaire: Design for Stage & screen – Sophie Shannon, Lauren Murphy, Caoimhe Valerio. Model Making – Nicola Zeidler, Mateusz Wojtas, Aine Byrne, Amy Doran.

NCAD Dublin: Ceramic and Glass – Chloe Lennon, Daumante Stirbyte, Louise Murphy, Grainne Banville, Sophie Longwill, Michelle Ryan. Sculpture and expanded practice – Amy Malone. Education – Barry Kenney. Textiles Art and Artefact – Grainne O Carroll. Fine Art – Sean O Rourke, Jonathan Donnelly, Caoimhe O Dwyer, Arlene Gildea, Barbara Healy, Sabina Egan, Ernada Husic, Ria Czerniak.

LSAD Limerick: Fine Art – Niall Lynan.

CIT Cork: Fine Art – Aaron Bevan, Mary Burleigh

Burren College of Art: Fine Art – Suzanne Tenue, 

Grennan Mill Thomastown: Ceramics – Babs Belshaw, Andrew Ilsley.

Gorey School of Art: Fine Art – Claudia Roche, Kate Barry.




Terry Corcoran and Sharon Bangert

Title: Water/Fall : A collection of paintings and poems.

Opening Date: Sun 23 October   Time: 4-6pm   Admission: Free   
Exhibition Runs: Saturday 15th October – Friday 11 November  Open: Wed 10-1pm Thurs – Sat 10-5pm 

“In 2014 poet and translator of Isabelle Eberhardt, Sharon Bangert, and myself decided, before it was too late, to work together on a common theme, my paintings with Sharon’s poetry. Titled “Water/Fall” these paired works explore flow and transformation in watercolor and words. People have asked whether the paintings or the poems came first, assuming that one of us ‘responded’ tothe other’s works. In fact, we worked quite separately, only pairing the paintings and poems when we had the number we had decided on for the exhibition that resulted.” Terry Corcoran.