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Exhibitions 2014

Exhibitions 2014



Niamh Jackman

Title: everything weighs something, only nothing weighs nothing

Date: Sun 9th Feb 2014   Time: 4-6pm   Admission: Free

This exhibition has two strands. The first is a series of tree portraits, each subject has a detailed study and an accompanying sketch. The usual sequence of drawing is reversed. Here the study is completed first, followed by the sketch, in an exploration of studied spontaneity and the forethought that goes into making something which appears unprepared. The second strand is a series of sculptures made using a mix of found and sourced materials. These objects can be viewed as the uncovering of an idea.

 “We are delighted to be welcoming Niamh back to exhibit at the Courthouse her work is delicate and thoughtful and full of surprise.”



Brian Henderson

Title: Above, below

Date: Sat 15th March 2014  Time: 4-6pm   Admission: Free

Brian Henderson is an Irish New York artist more recently based in his native Dublin. This double affiliation (Irish/American) is reflected in his work in which the scale and bravura of New York is coupled with a feel for medium and subtlety of tone reflecting the Dublin scene.

In his recent collection, Above/Below, this duality is complexified by another feature fundamental to his work: the relationship between surface (above) and depth (below) of the painting (whether it be wax on steel, oil on canvas or, as here, gouache on paper) and that between the upper and lower panels of the diptych format that characterizes many of his works. Henderson’s painting is all about the tensions between the forms and media he employs, tensions that reflect the experience of seeing and feeling in a sensual world that is also nec- Brian Henderson essarily subject to rationalisation. What the current gouache diptychs show is the way the warmth of sensual experience that radiates through the layers of colour in one panel may be tempered by the often cooler or darker energies of the other. In this way Henderson is able to explore a range of experiences between complementary states – warm/ cool, radiating/absorbing, bright/sombre, feminine/ masculine – and to show their infinite potential for interaction.

The work entitled Turn on the Gas perfectly illustrates this in that the warm, sensuous, feminine curvature of the lower panel (‘below’) is held in check by the more fully articulated, masculine warning sign of the upper (‘above’). The erotic or sexual charge of such images is heightened and extended in Henderson’s photographic series in which a shapely black female model, her otherwise naked skin clothed in various tones and patterns of colour, is captured in multiple poses in front of some of his larger abstract paintings.

These works takes to another level the exploration of the tension between the sensuous body and the aesthetic screen that, in this artist’s hands, painting provides as it both analyzes and extends the range of human experience. David Scott



Mayfield Arts

Title: Inside: Cúig’s artwork from the outside in.

Date: Sun 27th Apr 2014  Time: 4-6pm   Admission: Free

Cúig – Creativity Unlimited an Integrated group, are five artists with disability employed as artists in residence at Mayfield Arts Centre, Newbury House. Supported by a mentoring process, the artists are trained in a wide range of arts skills that they can apply to their own arts practice. They also engage with local schools and provide art workshops to people from the community to promote the ability and inclusion of individuals with disabilities.



22 Emerging Artists

Title: Emerging Artists Graduate show 2014

Opening Date: Sun 14th Sept   Time: 4-6pm   Admission: Free
Exhibition runs until Oct 4th. Open: Thurs-Sat 10-5pm

22 Emerging artists from a broad range of arts disciplines will exhibit this Sept/Oct at the Courthouse Arts Centre. Works will include 2D: Contemporary fine art, print, photography and 3D ceramics, glass, model making, theatre/film design, production design and make-up effects.

The exhibition will be opened by Dr Éimear O Connor art historian who specializes in Irish art and its complex contexts in the twentieth century, O’Connor’s ‘mastermind’ topic is the life and work of Irish artist Seán Keating PPRHA, HRA, HRSA (1889-1977). She is also a curator, lecturer, art advisor and archivist. O’Connor began her professional career as a visual artist and has exhibited in Ireland, Denmark and North America. She specialised in site-specific work, and has also designed album covers, book covers and stage settings. O’Connor is a Research Associate with TRIARC-Irish Art Research Centre at Trinity College Dublin.

Exhibiting artists are:

Dun Laoghaire – IADT

David Green, Anna Janiszewka, William Kelly, Linda Plunkett, Karl Sheridan, Kevin Ledwith, Vincent Lam, Hannah Kavanagh, Katie Davenport, Emma O Keefe, Ciara Cramer, Carla Edwards, Monika Pawlak.

Dublin – NCAD

Etaoin O Reilly, Gwyn Grace, Cathy Burke, Sienna Ardis-Marie, Chloe Phipps, Pat Curran.

Sligo – Sligo IT

Gerard Keaveney, Kelan Curran, Hugh P. Magrath.


Deirdre Gillespie

Title: The Bridge

Opening Date: Sun 26th Oct   Time: 4-6pm   Admission: Free
Exhibition Runs: Sat 18 Oct – Sat 15 Nov   Open Thurs-Sat 10-5pm

Deirdre Gillespie lives in Bandon, Co. Cork. She is a fine art graduate of the Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork and has just completed her Masters in Art Therapy with CIT. This exhibition shows a collection of her paintings and pastel work.

“The pastels are my most recent work and were done while I training to become an art therapist. I think of them as forming a bridge between two very different ways of image making. They satisfied me as an artist; my need for the aesthetic while also using some of the tools of the therapist. Many of these images began spontaneously without intention allowing for what would appear to appear. They began for example by rubbing different colours onto the paper, or with a scribble and then looking into this seeing something, following and developing it. It is almost like looking up at the clouds seeing a shape and imagining an animal; perhaps then asking that animal what form it might take, what colour it might like to be, what else it might need. My paintings on the other hand often began with an image in my head, a response to something which I then tried to recreate.”


Deirdre has taken part in many group exhibitions over the years but this is her first solo show. She exhibited in the Lavitt gallery in Cork, Cork University and Buckley’s Fine Art in Clonakilty, Co. Cork. She took part in The Engage Arts Festival, Bandon and The Kinsale Arts Festival. She has exhibited at the West Cork Arts, Skibbereen and The Clonakilty community arts centre members’ exhibitions.


Rod Coyne

Title: My Place on Canvas – the real life landscapes of real people.

Opening Date: Sun 21st Nov   Time: 4-6pm   Admission: Free
Exhibition Runs: Sun Nov 21 – Sat Dec 20   Open: Thurs – Sat 10-5pm

The “traditional” genre of landscape painting takes on a unique twist in the hands of Rod Coyne. While this brand new collection of Wicklow landscapes is painted by Rod, each subject has been chosen by a random member of the general public. The artist has picked a selection of submitted “favourite” landscapes and interpreted them in his own distinctive plein-air style. This is a hands-on interactive exhibition where Coyne looks at the world through someone else’s eyes, and in turn through the resulting picture, they see their landscape through Rod’s eyes. Each image will be displayed alongside the words used to describe why each submitted place is personally important to its proposer. The result is a compelling mix of paintings and text celebrating the stunning beauty that is Co. Wicklow. People who previously were never involved in art suddenly find themselves at the heart of this unique show.

Rod Coyne has spent the past 12 months travelling the length and breath of Co. Wicklow in search of someone else’s vision. This journey has revealed, in equal measure, an insight to the county’s people and land. Personal histories, memories, sentiments and emotions underscore this celebration of Wicklow’s finest views.